still appears on Chrome . Need Help??

DWQA still appears on Chrome . Need Help??
smith asked 2 years ago

Since few days, my default browser Chrome is behaving weird. No matter what I search, it makes me hijacked to and other unknown websites. I’m completely fed up with all these things and not getting any way to solve this issue. Please help me in solving this issue. Thanks a lot!!

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Smith, Welcome to Our Support Team. Well, is one among highly risky redirect virus that often target Windows based system. This suspicious domain is created by PC attackers along with the main aim to ruin your surfing session. It wont let you to surf freely rather disturb by showing unusual ads and other pop ups. No matter what you search, will make your result hijacked to unsafe and malicious sites. This risky malware silently get added and bring lots of modifications in all over your machine and its appearance as well. often come along with bundled freewares downloaded from risky websites and sometimes even via social sites too. It is advised to think before clicking any link or url. Check the link, you will get easiest way to solve this issue.
Kindly refer instructions given here :

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