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How to Remove Adware from Popular Browsers

Google Chrome


If your Chrome browser has been infected with any adware or potentially unwanted program, it will display countless ads and pop-ups. This is why it is essential to uninstall them if you do not wish to get interrupted while surfing web. Depending upon the nature of adware, as some can be potentially harmless but few can have severe consequences on the compromised browsers. Watch the video tutorial to get rid of adware program from popular web browsers.

 Internet Explorer:


If you have identified some unknown Toolbars and add-ons on your IE browser, you can follow the guide to reset the browser. generally resetting of the browser helps in removing unwanted add-ons and extensions.

Mozilla Firefox

Manual Steps to Uninstall Adware and Add-ons in Mozilla FF


If you are getting unwanted pop-ups in Mozilla FF browser, this is a clear indication of some unwanted add-ons have been installed unknowingly. Users are advised to remove such add-ons from their browser and reset it. Watch this video guide for the same and get rid of such add-ons manually.

How to Remove Trojan in Windows 8/8.1


Mostly Trojan get installed secretly and users have no knowledge about it unless symptoms such as slow performance of Windows PC, data corruption, hanging of system becomes evident. If you are having any of these symptoms, you need to scan your PC. alternatively you can also follow the manual guide as shown here. If you want to remove Trojan and malware from your Windows 8,8.1 Computer, watch this video

Manual Steps to Remove Trojan from Windows 10


If you are looking for Trojan removal steps on Windows 10, this video guide can be really helpful. Get all the relevant steps that are required to get rid of Trojan manually from Windows 10 PC.